Homes for Ukraine

“At this time of terrible humanitarian emergency in Ukraine, you may be feeling called to explore the possibility of welcoming a Ukrainian refugee or family into your home. Details of schemes for churches and circuits are yet to be finalised, but in the meantime you are encouraged to register your interest as an individual on the Government ‘Homes for Ukraine’ website:


Please note that welcoming a refugee is a significant commitment with an expected minimum period of six months. But if you have a spare room with adequate facilities which would enable you to share your home with an individual or family; or if you have an annex to your home or a vacant property which is unoccupied, please make this a matter for your personal prayer and consideration.


If you do register, please then consider informing the minister of your church or our circuit superintendent, Rev Ralph Ward. You can contact him on


As time goes on we want to try and build a community of sponsors in local areas by connecting people, as much for the benefit of the hosts as for the Ukrainian nationals. We would also recommend that you visit the ‘Reset’ website below:


Many thanks for your continuing prayers”